Talking Photos
Goal: To take a photo a day
19 years old and it's time to keep a photo diary
Note: Most photos are taken primarily with the iPhone on Instagram

Here's to the best days of our lives

Today’s star purchase! Pretty scrapbooking paper from Paper Market at only $1 per piece. And they’re all double sided!!!!!
Yami yogurt natural with fruity pebbles!
Who’s that round eyed beauty??
Spiral staircases
Baskin Robbins after lunch yesterday. My first scoop everrrrrr (cos i was always put off by the prices haha)
Meet my new virtual pet, ricebowl~
Bye bye to productivity~~
Yesterday’s lunch: curry baked rice.
Trying out a new photo app called LINE Camera, it’s really really cute!!
Home-cooked lunch is a lavish affair
Guess what arrived in today’s mail?
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